Finish wagon axles production plant

Finish car axle production

Complex includes
1st automatic line
  • Bandsaw machine for axis' ends cut
  • Double-sided milling and centering machine
  • Ultrasonic quality control of wagon axles
  • 3 CNC turning machines for axels' rough turning
  • Double-sided milling and drilling machine
  • 3 CNC turning machines for axels' finish turning
  • Double-sided drilling and threading machine
  • Branding (manual)
2nd automatic line
  • Pressed air airflow along axle, inside bores
  • Special axle rolling machine
  • Special axle rolling machine for fillet knurling, pre-wheel seat and journal fillet
  • Machine for pin finish grinding
  • 3 Ultrasonic, magnetic-particle and size inspection
Parts to be machined
Wagon axle
Weight 570 kg

Works completed
  • Machine tools selection and delivery
  • Tools selection and delivery
  • Auxiliary equipment supply
  • Equipment installation and commissioning
24,000 axles per year with 2-shift operation and a shift duration of 7 hours and 50 minutes

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