turnkey projects

We carry out complex technical re-equipment projects of industrial enterprises
Turnkey project consist of
  • Technology
    • Technological processes design, process simulation
    • Planning solution development
    • Calculation of machining modes and machining time
    • Technological documentation
  • Equipment
    • Selection of technological equipment
    • Design and manufacture of metalcutting machines
    • Selection and delivery of cutting and auxiliary tools, accessories
    • Delivery and comissioning of equipment
  • Project management
    • Project management
    • Financing
    • Risk management
  • Automation
    • Analysis and optimization of logistics
    • Design and manufacture of automation
Project phases
  • Current situation audit
    We analyse current machining technology, available equipment, availability of suitable production sites for a future project.
  • Technical requirements analysis
    Review customer plans for production output, requirements for workpieces, finished part characteristics and other demands for future production.
  • Solution concept
    Solution concept includes part machining
    technology, selection of equipment, devices and tools, layout.
  • Unique offer
    We provide technological parameters of the offered solution, scope of equipment, economic efficiency of production.
Turnkey projects
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