New SMG4025F3 circular grinding machine delivered to customer

The new SMG4025F3-19 circular grinding machine started to work in a machining workshop at one of the factories in production of multiple unit.  

Due to necessity to increase the production capacity of the factory a new modern machine was required. STANEXIM company was chosen as a supplier, as it proved to be a reliable partner for many years, and the equipment met all the asserted claims of the Customer.

The SMG4025F3-19 machine is intended for necks, ends of necks, access and pre-access surfaces of axles of wheel pairs grinding.

Special software automatically forms a control program.If necessary, the machine operator directly from the CNC stand can turn on / off certain processing cycles in seconds. The software allows to grind cylindrical and conical surfaces and also ends of parts. The machine is equipped with a position control and active control system. This allows you to couple the blank part in automatic mode.It is possible to install a precision three-jaw chuck on the SMG4025F3-19. This allows to grind short hard parts without a rear center (shafts, flange bearing surfaces). 

The SMG4025F3-19 machine is used for machining parts with an outer diameter of up to 400 mm and a length of up to 2500 mm. High machine rigidity made it possible to achieve stability when machining parts. Axis processing time decreased from 50 minutes. up to 40 minutes. The use of Marposs active monitoring devices made it possible to obtain grinding results of the 6th accuracy class.

Delivery time was 10 months.

Installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment was successfully completed.

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