The second machine in the series of boring machines

STANEXIM designed and manufactured a special boring machine model SMS0128F3. This is the second machine in the pipe boring machine series.
SMS0128F3 is designed for machining the ends of sharply-curved bends and coils with a diameter of 159 ... 377 mm with the formation of chamfers for welding at the ends of parts.

Processing of workpieces on the machine takes place in one set.The work piece is installed in changeable devices designed for basing and clamping workpieces during processing.

The billet measurement mechanism, which includes triangulation sensors and software developed by STANEXIM, allows to measure the actual pipe profile with high accuracy and make adjustments to the part processing program.

For workpieces clamping with different wall thicknesses, clamp pressure regulating is installed.

The rotary table provides processing of steeply bent bends with bending angles 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° and coils up to 630 mm long.

In August, the machine was successfully accepted and tested by the customer at the site in Minsk.

The machine fully complies with the customer's technical specification.

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