Thread grinding machine SMG360TF3 comissioned to the Customer

Acceptance of thread grinding machine SMG360F3 successfully complited.
SMG360TF3 manufactured by ITC STANEXIM and designed for grinding of precision threads, worns and lead screws, ball screws, rolling dies, thread gages, mounting threads, cuting gimlets (straight and spiral), thread mills etc.
The SMG360TF3 is equiped with NUMANS 911G CNC system.
During acceptance works at the manufacture's site the following checks were complete:
  • arranged sets;
  • functioning;
  • geometrical accuracy;
  • documentation set.
The machine was set into operation and test part "inset-gage" was processed.
During processing the following parameters were achieved:
Consulting services were rendered to the customer's personnel. The machine is ready for shipment. Adjustment works will be carried-out at the customer's premises soon.
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