New cylindrical grinding machines for camshaft machining shipped to the customer

New cylindrical grinding machines SMG1016F3-02 and SMG3063F3-02 were shipped to Penzadieselmash JSC

Penzadieselmash is a manufacturer of diesel engines and turbochargers, component parts for diesel plants.

In connection with the creation of a competence center for the production of diesel engines, new modern equipment was required.

STANEXIM was chosen as a supplier because the offered equipment fully met customer requirements.

Cylindrical grinding machine SMG1016F3-02 is designed for processing camshaft cams. The maximum diameter and length of processing are 300 mm and 1450 mm.

The machine is equipped with a CBN grinding wheel to increase the tool life and the accuracy of the applied profile, and also reduce the time for periodic dressing of the wheel.

The cam can be processed at a workpiece rotation speed of up to 100 rpm. The tolerace of  profile application is no more than 0.015 mm.

Cylindrical grinding machine SMG3063F3-02 is designed for processing camshaft journals. The length of the workpieces to be processed is up to 4000 mm, the diameter is 20 ... 300 mm.

A distinctive feature of the machine is the presence of a drive rotary axis of the grinding head for processing tapered surfaces in automatic mode.

The machine is also equipped with a Marposs active control device to increase the grinding accuracy of cylindrical necks and the percentage of product yield.

To ensure the rigidity of the workpiece, the machine is equipped with three hydraulic rests, one of which is self-centering

The machines are equipped with special software for generating processing control programs in automatic mode.

The commissioning of the machines at the Customer is scheduled for June 2021.

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