The first machine produced by STANEXIM

STANEXIM designed a CNC turning machine SMS0003F3 for final machining of pipeline fitting.

The machine is equipped with three independent horizontal power units with CNC with the ability to install interchangeable faceplates, as well as a stationary device for installing pipes. Porting mechanisms are used for clamping workpieces, which provide free loading of workpieces into the basic device and free removal of machined parts. For convenience, the machine is equipped with two operator panels with a portable remote control.


  • pipe teeswith nominal width of the main from 500 to 1400 mm and nominal width of thebranch line from 150 to 1400 mm;
  • taps with30, 45 and 60 degree bend angles and nominal width from 700 to 1400 mm;
  • taps with90 degree bend angle and nominal width from 700 to 1400 mm;
  • coils withnominal width from 219 to 1400 mm;
  • pipe reducers with nominal width from 400 to 1400mm.
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