Gear grinding machine SMG405GF3-33 put into operation

Gear grinding machine SG405GF3-33 produced by ITC STANEXIM put into operation at MIP MECHANIC.
One of the main directions of MIP MECHANIC is development and serial production of gearboxes to control locking group and other work-pieces in rainforcing field.
To improve quality of gear processing and achieve high class accuracy the company needed modern high-precision equipment. ITC STANEXIM proposed as a solution gear grinding machine SMG405F3-33 of its own production which fully complied with reference terms and production needs.
SMG405GF3 is equiped with NUMANS 911G CNC system. It's the first gear grinding machine equiped with this CNC system.
During acceptance works test parts were processed and the following parameters were achieved:
  • spur gear:
  • helical gear
ITC STANEXIM specialists instructed the personnel on the rules of maintenance and operation of the machine.
The equipment fully complies with the Customer's requirements and already involved in production.
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