The second gear grinding machine for GOMSELASH OJSC

Successfully completed SMG405GF3-17 CNC gear grinding machine acceptance by the customer. The machine manufactured by ITC STANEXIM for GOMSELMASH.
SMG405GF3 is designed for profile grinding of spur and helical gears with a workpiece diameter up to 400 mm.
During the acceptance tests Customer's parts were processed.
While processing the 3-4 accuracy class was achieved. The obtained parameters significantly exceed the Customer's requirements for finished parts. The measurements were carried out on a Zeiss testing and measuring machine.
Process parameters:
In September 2022, we already supplied the SMG405GF3 gear grinding machine to GOMSELMASH OJSC, which was equipped with a SIEMENS control system. The new version of the machine is equipped with the NUMANS control system. The processing parameters on the new machine are identical to those obtained on the machine with the SIEMENS control system.
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