Special grinding machine SMG6016SPF3 delivered to customer

STANEXIM company delivered a new special grinding machine with horizontal spindle to Irkut Corporation. This year grinding machine of STANEXIM has already been delivered to the enterprise.

The machine is designed for high-precision processing by grinding flat surfaces of large parts. In SMG6016SPF3 as in SMG6012SPF3 the stand is increased. The distance from the spindle axis to the table is 800 mm. This design allows you to handle high parts or use different clamping devices while maintaining a large working area. In addition, the size of the table is increased in SMG6016SPF3. Due to this the functionality of the machine is expanded, it is able to process made up to 1600 mm.

The production and delivery time for the SMG6016SPF3 was 6 months.

Installation supervision and commissioning of equipment successfully completed. Now the machine is working on the enterprise.

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