STANEXIM dealer delivered gear-grinding Machine to KAMAZ

STANEXIM company for the first time delivered a machine of its own production through a dealer of STI LLC. 

The ultimate customer was KAMAZ PJSC.

Consider the capabilities of the SMG405GF3 machine the customer refused to upgrade obsolete and worn-out gear-grinding machine REISHAUER. And he made a choice in favor of the new STANEXIM machine tool.

The machine SMG405GF3 was purchased for processing gears of the gearbox of the high pressure fuel pump drive. Parts are machined by a grinding wheel using the cam grinding method. Grinding is carried out according to the control program and followed by measurement and certificate forming of completed parts. The delivery of the machine was carried out on 5 parts-representatives. One of the Customer requirements for machine was a limited time for part cutting. According to the results of tests conducted on the machine SMG405GH3, the productivity has become 15-20% higher than declared. 

STANEXIM specialists carried out installation supervision, commissioning and instructing personnel on work on machines.

The first experience through a dealer was successful! We thank STI LLC for mutually beneficial cooperation. STANEXIM is interested in the development of a dealer network. For all questions please contact contact or call +375 17 388 60 50 / +7 495 984 20 72. 

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