Cylindrical grinding machines SMG1016F3-02 и SMG3063F3-02 put into operation

New cylindrical grinding machines for camshaft cam and camshaft bearings started to work at AO "Penzadieselmach".
SMG1016F3-02 - designed for camshaft cam. The maximum diameter and processing length is 300 mm amd 1450mm.
During acceptane works the cams of 3 parts of camshaft (persistent, middle, tail) and wobbler shaft were processed.
Persistent camshaft segment was additionally supported by "ROHM" self-centering rest. Cams were processing at rotary mode up to 100 rotations per minute. Linear drive is responsible for grinding wheel move (X-axis) in such modes.
The machine is equiped with a grinding-wheel 500mm in diameter made of cubic boron nitride that allows to work with the cutting speed up to 125 metres per second.
SMG3063F3-02 is designed for camshaft bearing journal machining. Workpieces  length is up to 4000mm and diameter 20-300 mm.
During acceptance works bearing jornals and camshaft taper surface were machined.
Shaft is installed in the center with 3 collars additional support.

Bearing journals are ground with Marposs size control measuring system. Cone grinding is carried out with grinding carriage priliminary turn at a given angle according to the control program.

Both machines successfully operating for a month.

To watch video: SMG1016F3-02S and SMG3063F3-02
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