MACHINES AND WHAT IS MORE. The exhibition EMO Hannover.

One of the major international forums of innovation in the metal industry - the main machine tool exhibition EMO Hannover 2011 has been held. This is the central event of the industry attracts a lot of specialists from all over world.

EMO 2011 impresses with the high quality of the equipment which is presented there, an abundance of innovative solutions and its international nature. The organizers have united at one site more than 1500 companies from 36 countries worldwide.

For us the exhibition of this year is also memorized as a period of fruitful co-operation - the specialists of STANEKSIM worked in 4 booths of our partners: MAUS, SAFOP, Pegard Productics and WZ-Group.

The main feature of this year's EMO is in the fact that the exhibition has had an international forum of innovations, at which not only the latest developments and technologies used in different industries were presented, but also new approaches to improving the performance of the equipment were considred.

Primarily the attention was focused on global concepts by which the value added created by the producer lets the consumer to get a tangible benefits from the production know-how.

The demand for integrated service offering is continuously growing, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia, and all over the world. More and more attention is given to qualified personnel of the supplier of equipment, technologies and tools, including such spheres as logistics, preliminary diagnostics, service, training of the customer's specialists.

This tendency, of course, makes us glad as our company has originally chosen a way of treating the customer based on the principles of system and complex solution of production goals.

We thank our partners and all visitors of our booths!

Always look forward to hearing from you!

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