The SB902 machine modernization at Promtractor Wagon completed

At Promtractor-Wagon CJSC the modernization of the SB902 special four-spindle drilling machine was successfully completed. The machine was used by the customer to process the spinal beam part.
And delivered by STANEXIM in 2010. The machine operated smoothly for 10 years. During this period Promtractor-Wagon improved and expanded the range of products. The new products release also required new machine tools capabilities.

SB902 was one of the key links in production chain of the main enterprise products. Therefore the decision of modernization has been taken.

In the process of modernization, STANEXIM specialists performed:
  • replace the old loading trolley with two new ones, each of which is equipped with a part fixing and fastener system, as well as an independent system for moving and feeding parts to the processing zone;
  • additional modules of the PLC program were written;
  • development and installation of an additional module of the technological program, which made possible to process two short spinal beams simultaneously;
  • supervising installation and commissioning works after modernization;
  • staff instructing of the maintenance and operation on modernized equipment.
The modernization made it possible to increase the productivity of the machine, as well as to process new types of beams.

During the acceptance tests, five types of parts were processed:

  •    beam spinal platform
  •    pedestal spinal beams platform
  •    open-wagon beam spinal
  •    cement truck beam spinal
  •    pedestal beam grain wagon

The accuracy parameters of the machined parts correspond to the tolerance parameters of the design documents.
Work completion time was 5 months, and the suspension of the machine was 9 days only.
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