Stanexim is the EMCO Certified Partner for commissioning and service.

As part of our partnership with EMCO the visit of a large group of our specialists to the production site of EMCO in Austria took place.
Engineers of Stanxim have successfully been trained in CAD / CAM system ESPRIT. This system is for automated programming is used by leading manufacturers of equipment : EMCO, OKUMA, DMG and others.
Especially effective is the usage of ESPRIT for multi-task machine tools, as well as for programming the machining of details of complex spatial form. This CAD / CAM system allows to simulate the processing of details with reference to the 3D model of the machine, to control the collision of operating devices of the machine.
In addition, our experts have mastered the software CPS-Pilot, which allows to carry out full visualization of machine control and virtual and it's commissioning, as well as to test and optimize managing programms before the processing on real equipment.

Specialists of Stanexim were successfully certified and are now authorized specialists for commissioning and after-sales service maintenance of machines of EMCO.
The visit has also stayed in our memory due to reciprocal pleasant experiences. We were surprised by the level of organization of production, demonstration and training equipment, heartiness and goodwill of the employees.

EMCO partners noted the high level of our specialists. It's nice that they see us as a prospective partner, that will add to the equipment its technological solutions, and, taking into account our long-term cooperation with enterprises of railway, aviation, automotive and other industries, will guide EMCO solutions to the CIS market. 
EMCO today is a leader among the major European machine-tool companies.
The entire range of machines manufactured corresponds to the principle of "accuracy and stability." Accuracy means European quality up to the smallest details of the machine-tool and high precision of processing. And stability - is the variability of technological solutions designing of equipment design to subject the individual customer's specific needs.
EMCO - it is the high quality and performance, one-year warranty for all equipment unrestricting working hours and use, delivery of spare parts within 24 hours, wherever in the world you are.

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