Locotech Holding purchased SMG405GF3 gear grinding machine

Locotech is Europe's largest service locomotive holding that provides maintenance, repair, and modernization of locomotives for railway engineering enterprises.

The ultimate user of the equipment is the Ulan-Ude Locomotive Car Repair Plant, which is part of the Locotech Holding.

The enterprise provides extending operational life of the resource of traction rolling stock, carries out major repairs of electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, diesel and electric trains.

The necessity to purchase new modern equipment arose due to the need to replace physically worn out gear grinding equipment, in particular, machines models 5843 and 5A841.

SMG405GF3 will operate in the machine shop to grind gear teeth of varying complexity.

During acceptance works a test part was processed at the manufacturer's premises - a helical gear ᴓ 310 mm, number of teeth 26, module 10, angle of inclination of the teeth ≈ 24°

The following accuracy parameters have been achieved:

The obtained parameters of the ground part correspond to the drawing and have  3rd accuracy degree. The cycle time was 23 min. 47 sec.

Shortly the machine will be delivered to the customer.

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