Cylindrical grinding machine SMG5515F3 handed over to the customer

A CNC circular grinding machine SMG5515F3-12 was put into operation at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ).
This project was implemented as part of the technical re-equipment project of the enterprise . Earlier, we also delivered a grinding machine SMG6300HF2 for cutting hobs sharpening.

SMG5515F3-12 is designed for cylindrical and conical surfaces grinding of shafts for electric and diesel locomotive electric motors, as well as rotors of auxiliary electric motors.
Workpiece dimensions:
  • Workpiece size 550…1500 mm;
  • Grinding diameter 30...550 mm;
  • Weight of the installed part 500…1000 kg.
Grinding wheel dimensions:
  • Outer Diameter: 750mm;
  • Inner Diameter: 305mm;
  • Height: 100mm.
During the acceptance tests, two types of shafts were processed. The machine was handed over for geometric accuracy. Our specialists performed works on supervision, commissioning and technical specialists training.
Watch a video of processing on a similar machine SMG5518F3
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