Open House week at STANEXIM

From December 2 to 6, STANEXIM invites to visit its industrial site in Minsk for customers and partners as part of the OPEN HOUSE WEEK. 

During this time, more than 10 delegations from large manufacturing companies of Belarus and Russia managed to visit us. The delegations included chief engineers, chief technologists and specialists responsible for the selection of equipment.

As a part of meetings, constructive negotiations were held both on current projects and on new promising ones.

Also the machines of our own production were demonstrated:
  • SMG405GF3 - gear-gridding machine for spur and helical cylindrical gear cam gridding; 
  • SMG400HF3 - hob grinding machine on front surface;
  • SMG150SF3 - cam-grinding machine for processing flat and round broaches, cutters; 
The stream of people wishing to get to STANEXIM industrial site didn't run short, while our doors were hospitably open.
We continue to receive visitors now, so we extend the WEEK and wait for you to visit till the end of December! You can pre-arrange the time and date of the meeting by phone +375 17 388 60 50 or by e-mail
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