Modernization of the machining center MECOF


Stanexim-Ukraine has completed the modernization of the multipurpose machining center with CNC produced by MECOF with the ability of 5-axis machining component. The machining center is designed to produce parts with complex geometric shapes. It is used in particular for manufacturing and processing blade turbine wheel used in the central gas-pumping stations of gas mains. The main problem of this kind of machining centers is their obsolescence.

Initially, Stanexim-Ukraine was given the task not only to overhaul and modernize the processing center, but leave the final result - a 5-axis machining of turbine wheel blades.

Stanexim-Ukraine together with its partner in the engineering field  Sitek company - completed the full range of necessary work to accomplish the task:

  • Survey of the machin
  • Development of the project and its subsequent approval by the Customer
  • Development of post-processor and custom-made technical specifications
  • Overhaul and modernization of the machine (CNC systems, drives, systems of hydraulics pneumatic and lubrication were substituted)
  • Commissioning and delivery of machines to the customer
  • Development of technology and control program for processing blade wheels
  • Selection of cutting and auxiliary tools and cutting modes
  • Finish machining of the Client's part

The presence of the last 3 stages (engineering component) is an integral part of a systematic approach of the company and it distinguishes this project from the previously completed upgrades of machining centers produced by MECOF for the Russian enterprises. In the process of modernization of the machine tool the components produced by the world's leading manufacturers have been used: CNC, drives and electric motors produced by SIEMENS, electrical cabinets and desks manufactured by RITTAL, feedback transmitters made by Heidenhain, switches produced by Balluff, measurement systems made by Renishaw and Neidenhain, as well as other components of well-known brands.

Upon delivery of the upgraded machine the customer received a set of technical documentation in Russian.

Successive implementation of the project has enabled Stanexim-Ukraine to minimize the share of manual labor in the handling of the turbine wheel, and consequently it has helped to reduce significantly the cost price of this component. As a result of this project realization the upgraded machine tool with 5-axis processing is notable for its innovation and multifunctionality.

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