Special machine for facing and bevelling large pipes was put into operation


At one of the leading companies in the production pipeline fittings has resulting in commissioning of new special machine for facing and bevelling large pipes machine. The machine is manufactured in Belarus is constructed for machining taps - the formation of the bevel. 


  • Bent taps Ø219 ... Ø1420mm;
  • Transitions stamp-concentric Ø219 ... Ø1420mm;
  • Sleeply curved taps Ø530 ... Ø1420mm;
  • Tees Ø426 ... Ø 1420 mm.

The thickness of the processed on the machine walls of tubular products from 6 to 101 mm.

In the maintenance management of the customer it is noted that nevertheless the technology of butts of taps machining, a new machine - is a better model, which is really impresses by its characteristics.

Unlike analogues, it is able to handle not only the bent taps, but also sleeply curved , and also tees, adapter rings and tapered transitions. The performance of the machine exceeds counterparts by 20-30%.

New equipment and project implementation is performed by Stanexim. Its experts will do the necessary engineering works:

  • development of system-based devices to the machine,
  • CNC parameterization,
  • debugging technology,
  • counseling,
  • commissioning.
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