Gas oxygen complex is commissioned at ETERNO

Gas oxygen complex produced by STANEXIM was commissioned at the pipelines production of of the ETERNO.

The complex includes four special installations of gas-oxygen cutting of different layouts, designed to trim the technological allowance and to bevel the welding edge of the pipeline fittings: tees, bottoms and transitions, as well as taps with a rotation angle of 90 �.

The use of a special system of basing in the complex, automated measurement of workpieces and control of cutting parameters using CNC allowed:

  • automate the process of cutting stock allowance by laser measurement and according to the CNC program;
  • improve processing accuracy and thus reduce the allowance for further machining;
  • ensure high cut quality and eliminate the influence of the human factor;
  • increase productivity, including by significantly reducing the change overtime for the manufacture of various sizes of parts.

Preliminary cutting of the technological allowance of blanks with the help of gas-oxygen cutting installations will provide the company with a reduction in total costs in the pipe production.

The complex of gas-oxygen cutting is part of a comprehensive solution developed by STANEXIM for processing pipeline fittings.

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