Thread-grindind machine SMG200TF3 handed over to the customer

Completed acceptance works of CNC thread-grinding machine SMG200TF3-04 manufactured by LLC "ITC STANEXIM" designed for grinding typical precision threads, worn lead screws, ball screws, rolling dies, screw thread gauges, mounting threads, screws (strainght line and winding, thread cutting mills etc.
SMG200TF3-04 is equipped with NUMANS 911G CNC.
The configuration can be found at the link.
The main characteristics of CNC system are:
  • application of linear motors and tork motor
  • digital pipe
  • absolute probe with Bliss-C interface
  • use of standart g-codes
  • similarity to command data
  • technologic software STANEXIM operating on Windows
In this version, the machine is designed for grinding threads ᴓ 3 ... 20 mm and 20-300 mm long.
During acceptance works at the manufacturer's site the following works were performed:
  • machine geometrical accuracy check
  • diamond roller certification
  • dianond roll matchig to A rotation axis
  • profile accreditation
  • test part grinding
According to processing results the following accuracy parameters were achieved:
The obtained parameters of the finished part fully correspond to the drawing.
Soon the machine will be delivered to the customer.

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