New milling robotic complex SMO0106XF4


Milling robotic complex SMO0106XF4 developed by STANEXIM is designed for processing parts made of light materials (plastic, wood, aluminum).

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Complex composition:

  • Industrial robot FANUCR-2000iC / 210L
  • Milling spindle
  • Tool magazine
  • Cutting and auxiliary tool set
  • Protective fence for the manipulator movement area
  • Control cabinet

Technical characteristics:

  • robot reach: 3100 mm
  • number of axes of the robot: 6
  • number of positions for processing: 3
  • spindle power: 4.5KW
  • Max. the size of the processed parts: 2600х1500х700 mm
  • number of positions in the tool magazine: 5

The layout of the complex provides three processing positions for a wide range of products. Due to the presence of safety light curtains it's possible to change the workpiece during machining at an adjacent position.

This complex has a certificate of its own production, confirming that it really STANEXIM own production.

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