New boring machine SMS0127F3 for pipes processing with automatic work probing


STANEXIM specialists designed and manufactured a special boring machine SMS0127F3.

This model is designed for machining the bends ends and small diameter coils (57-159 mm). For the first time in such machines, the function of automatic measurement of the workpiece with subsequent automatic processing of the part is implemented.

Small-diameter taps manufactured on this equipment are widely in demand at nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, and in the repair and maintenance services of public utilities.

The fully automated process of processing parts allows to control the technological process without direct human intervention.

Pipeline connecting parts elements, despite their simplicity, have a number of technological features, without which it is impossible to automate technological processes and achieve consistency in the quality of products.

These include ovality, variation in thickness, and deviations in outer diameter.

SMS0127F3 has a special operator interface developed by STANEXIM specialists, which contains all the necessary information for setting up the machine before processing various types of pipe products.

Using the interface, the operator sets the type of chamfer to be processed at each end, the geometric parameters of the chamfers to be processed and the cutting modes.

We have developed software for measuring using a triangulation laser sensor. This allows you to measure the actual pipe profile with high accuracy and make adjustments to the part processing program.

The machine implements processing of the end parts without resetting. This reduces the cycle time.

In June it was successfully accepted and tested at the manufacturer's premises.

The machine fully complies with the technical task.

The machine purchase allows to increase performance of processing pipe products more than 2 times, as well as to increase the accuracy and purity of mechanical processing the end edges of pipes.

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