Range of CNC profile grinding machines is certified

We received a certificate of our own production for a series of CNC profile grinding machines SMG150SF3-ХХ.
Machines series SMG150SF3-XX are designed for processing profile grooves on parts: “Round splined broach”, “Flat profile broach”, “Gearwheel cutter”. The machine can grind flat and profiled surfaces, splines with involute and trapezoidal profiles, process external shaped surfaces of running-up gears, round and flat broaches along the front and rear surfaces.
The machines operate under the NUMANS CNC system control.
The certificate was issued by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the basis of an examination report. In accordance with it, the technological process of manufacturing machine tools consists of the following operations:
  • Machine design: development of design and technological documentation
  • Mechanical processing of machine parts
  • Assembly of machine components
  • Final assembly of the machine
  • Assembly and installation of lubrication, coolant and cooling systems
  • Assembly and installation of the electrical cabinet
  • Assembling and installing the control panel
  • External electrical installation
  • Commissioning works
  • Software download: installation, configuration and parameterization
  • Check and set the machine for accuracy standards
  • Testing the machine at idle and on load

Previously, we received certificates of our own production for:
  • sharpening machines
  • gear grinding machines
  • boring machines

In 2021, we received certificates of our own production for:
  • Milling robotic complex SMO0106XF4;
  • Complete electrical cabinet based on CNC FANUC Oi-MF.

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