Sharpening machine SMG630HF2 successfully delivered to the customer

At the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) a new grinding machine model SMG630HF2 manufactured by STANEXIM was put into operation.
NEVZ is the largest Russian manufacturer of main-line freight and passenger industrial electric locomotives. In 2020, it became necessary to replenish the sharpening equipment fleet. The customer made a decision to purchase a new end milling machine.
STANEXIM was chosen as a supplier because already had a positive experience and the proposed equipment fully complied with the requirements of the customer.
Sharpening machine SMG630HF2 is designed for sharpening end mills with a diameter of Ø 80-650 mm.
Sharpening is carried out with the end of the cup abrasive wheel along the rear surfaces of the cutter teeth.
During acceptance, end mills with a diameter of Ø 130 and Ø 160 mm were sharpened along the flanks of the teeth.

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