Spline-grinding machine SMG4035F3 put into operation

STANEXIM specialists put into operation SMG4035F3 CNC spline grinding machine designed for processing straight-sided, involute and special splines at Russian engine-building enterprise.
Installed parts dimensions:
  • length - up to 3500 mm;
  • diameter - up to 400 mm.
During acceptance tests, shafts with straight-sided and involute splines were machined.
The following parameters were achieved on a straight-sided spline as a result of processing,:
  • spacing error was 0.002 mm;
  • straightness lengthwise of the slot (up to 800 mm.) - 0.01 mm;
  • radial runout on a complex calibre - 0.002 mm.
While involute spline machining:
  • spacing error was 0.01 mm;
  • straightness on the length of the slot (up to 250 mm.) - 0.002 mm;
  • radial runout on a complex calibre - 0.002 mm.
The achieved accuracy parameters match to the technical enquiry of the Customer.
Technical specialists training was conducted. The machine has been successfully put into production.
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