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Technological engineering

Does your company face a difficult task to upgrade or reorganize of production with maximum efficiency of investments?

You have the necessary resources, but there is no comprehensive vision of solutions and possibilities to conduct numerous works on your own. In our face you will find a reliable partner with the necessary knowledge, competence and great experience in implementing of complex engineering projects in industries such as railway engineering, pipes manufacturing, power engineering, aviation and auto agricultural machine-building.

Estimate of your needs

Many people mistakenly believe that a complex of measures to modernize production technology amounts in replacing old equipment by new. It is important to understand that without a preliminary multiple analysis of production, further steps of modernization of production technology will be ineffective. It is very important to take into account the existing experience of enterprises with "thorny" way of technical re-equipment. Therefore, working on complicated engineering projects of complex technical re-equipment, in our company begins with an estimate of your needs: technological audit of production.

Technical Proposal

The data obtained on the stage of the technological audit, form an important component for further design and technological development. On the basis of these data, we will create the best technical proposal for your production. It will definitely include technical and economical grounds for investments into a project and a comparative analysis of different options for design and technological solutions with a choice of optimum solution for productivity and economical efficiency.

Project of a technological solution

Well-qualified specialists of our company have an extensive library of technological design solutions and experience of working with leading equipment manufacturers. While performing engineering technological projects we create and implement modern and effective solutions.

At the same time we perform:

  • Design and implementation of advanced technological processes.
  • Selection of technological equipment, cutting and holding tools, tooling for specific tasks of the project.
  • Design and manufacture of special equipment and tooling, means of mechanization and automation.
  • Development of project planning solutions for new and upgraded facilities (sites, lines).
  • Analysis and optimization of transport and logistics flows of existing or projected production (site, lines).
  • Calculation of processing modes and machine time.
  • Development of control programs.
  • Development of technical documentation.

Special attention is given the use of modern technological design. One of such innovative methods is the simulation, which allows to make an analysis and carry out optimization of technological process on the basis of the initial data (the complexity, changeover time, the requirements for scheduled maintenance and repair of equipment, speed of transport working parts change and so on) create a model of the future production. The model allows without experiments in the real production to analyze and optimize various process parameters:

  • load of major equipment and transport systems;
  • size and number of interoperable storages;
  • cycle time of the equipment;
  • the size and number of parties starting different sizes of parts;
  • the prime cost of products manufacture;
  • given productivity.

The introduction of technological solutions and customer support

The major factor of effective engineering is high-quality work at each stage. One of the key steps is to implement technological solution at the customer’s site. We perform:

  • Commissioning of technological equipment complexes.
  • Debugging and implementation of production technology in general with access to given parameters for quality and productivity.
  • Debugging and implementation of control programs for CNC equipment.
  • Optimization of processing modes and the geometry of the tool.
  • Training of customer’s personnel.

Competent system analysis, understanding of industry issues, specifics of technological processes and needs of the customer allows us to introduce into production optimum technological solutions that satisfy your needs. We can help you to reduce costs and efficiently dispose your investments.