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Design department

Complex engineering projects require the implementation of unique specific solutions for our customers. Due to this reason, we have created a special design bureau.

Successful performance of a task is determined by the presence of relevant knowledge and experience. Our highly qualified professionals have the necessary competence to carry out the following activities:

  • Design of a special metal cutting equipment and automatic lines.
  • Development of modernization projects of the unique metal-cutting equipment.
  • Design of transport systems for integration into existing or created production.
  • Design of individual units and production systems, mechanical structures, management systems, electroautomatics and electronics, measurement and control, hydraulics, lubrication, cooling.
  • Design of machine tool accessories.

We have a large library of our own design solutions, own production and experimental site. We actively cooperate with leading design institutes. Among our partners are the largest native and foreign machine tool companies. Using of unified units and components during designing allows us to reduce significantly the time of project work execution.


Our solutions will be optimally integrated into the production system of your company, which will give you a possibility to reconstruct an existing or create a new production, improve technology, provide the flexibility of production processes in a short time.

Project examples

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