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Measurement and control systems

For early detection of machining defects and measurement of the basic properties and characteristics of materials, STANEXIM offers equipment for nondestructive control of parts.
A range of equipment includes both individual units and complex automated solutions for quality control of parts during manufacture and after manufacture:
  • Ultrasound comtrol;  
  • Magnetic particle inspection;  
  • Non-contact control of geometrical parameters;
  • Application of contact sensors.
STANEXIM offers contact sensors and software for tool setting, tool breakage detection, workpiece installation with a reference to CNC systems, measuring the size of the workpiece during its processing and controlling parts with an automatic update of correction on the tool.
The laser control systems and the special software for a laser sensor have a special place in the portfolio of our solutions. These solutions are used in the machines of our own design as well as in retrofittable machines.