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Automatic lines

Automatic flexible lines are widely used in modern mass production. They allow to execute a processing, transfer and quality control operations in particular sequence up to the finished product.
Flexible automatic lines can include:
  • CNC machines;  
  • mechanisms for guidance, installation and fastening of products on the equipment;  
  • transfer devices;  
  • devices for quality control and automatic adjustment of the equipment;  
  • facilities for loading and unloading of lines (billets and finished parts);
  • tool and rig changers;  
  • centralized system of chip separation;  
  • devices providing electricity, compressed air and liquid lubricant coolant.
As complex manufacturing systems, automatic lines are designed as single products according to customer requirements.
Depending on the tasks your company faces, STANEXIM  experts will develop and implement a project of automatic production line, which will provide efficiency, high performance and other benefits of automated mass production.