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To control machines and machining centers which are the basis of our technological solutions, we need appropriate knowledge and skills. Training of specialists for CNC machines is one of our activities.

We provide:

  • training in educational and technological center of the company;
  • training at customer’s site using a mobile training equipment.

Specialties and types of training

We carry out training of the following specialties:

  • operators of CNC machine tools,
  • technologists-programmers,
  • еlectronic engineers.

Depending on the level of customer’s personnel, one of three possible types of training is available:

  • Basic course: acquaintance with major CNC systems, obtaining of basic knowledge on their service. It is suitable for professionals with little experience, graduates of technical specialties.
  • Advanced course: in-depth study of control systems. Suitable for experienced professionals.
  • Individual course: a program designed according to the training level of customer’s stuff, the specifics of production and customer requirements.

Training in educational and technological center

Training center is equipped with the most modern equipment for the training of technicians working with CNC machines.

  • training places: laptop + keyboard simulating machine's control panel,
  • software for training to work with CNC machine.
  • training stands,
  • lathe and milling machines.

Training at the customer’s site

Training at the customer site is possible thanks to the use of a mobile equipment.

The main advantage of training at the customer’s site it can be realized directly on the customer's equipment and offers a possibility to consolidate the acquired knowledge on the example of the production process of the enterprise.


Training is performed by practitioners with much experience in setting up, management and maintenance of various CNC machines for over 10 years. Our teachers are trainedannually at the world famous manufacturers of machine tools and CNC to getacquainted with the latest technical innovations.

All students are provided with manuals and service literature.

Please, send your requests for training here: service@stanexim.ru or call +7 495 984 20 72. The training manager will answer your questions, pick up a training program and make a request with a great pleasure.