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Solutions for machine-tools

STANEXIM offers a wide range of services and solutions for the machine-tool enterprises connected with the design, manufacture and commissioning of units and systems of cutting machine-tools and systems.

Electric equipment

  • Design of electrical equipment.
  • Working out of electrical schemes.
  • Selection of electrical equipment according to the customer's requirements specification (CNC, PLC, drives, electrical cabinets, control panels).
  • Drafting of specifications.
  • Supply of components.
  • Manufacturing and installation of electrical cabinets and control panels.
  • Development of software for machine tools ( PLC project, machine data, drives parameters).
  • Commissioning.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
The company's specialists in design and commissioning of machine tools, have considerable experience. They’ve passed the necessary training, that is evidenced by certificates of world's leading manufacturers of control systems. Electrical schemes are made in accordance with the standards of the State Standard and SDD. High quality of design is achieved by using an automated design software EPLAN.

Management system and electric cabinets

Measurement Systems

Mechanics, hydraulics, cooling

As an official partner of the world's leading manufacturers of mechanical and hydraulic components, STANEXIM performs:
  • Units designing.
  • Selection and supply of components and mechanical units of the machines.
  • Selection and supply of hydraulic, lubrication and cooling systems’ elements.
  • Assembling and installation of mechanical units.
  • Supply of special castings according to customer's drawings.
Design of mechanical and hydraulic components is carried out by using the design software  SolidWorks and T-Flex CAD.

Linear guideways with integrated
measuring system

Gears boxes for grinding, turning and
milling machines

Hydropowerstation according
to customer's request

Production of mechanical units

Special castings according to
customer's drawings

Cooling system for coolant, hydraulic
and lubricating oil