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Complexes and lines

Depending on the tasks facing your enterprise, STANEXIM specialists will develop and implement a technological complex or an automatic production line that will ensure the efficiency, high productivity and other advantages of automated large-scale production.
Technological complexes  are  integral parts of a flexible automated production. The use of technological complexes significantly increases the efficiency and effectiveness of production management and enables:
  • to reduce the pre-production time;
  • to optimize transport and logistics flows;
  • to use  efficiently production facilities of the enterprise;
  • to reduce production costs.
Depending on the specific tasks  technological  complexes may consist of different, interconnected elements. The composition of the equipment, components, tools and software included in the technological complex is defined individually for each solution.
Automatic flexible lines are widely used in modern mass production. They allow to execute a processing, transfer and quality control operations in particular sequence up to the finished product.
Flexible automatic lines can include:
  • CNC machines;  
  • mechanisms for guidance, installation and fastening of products on the equipment;  
  • transfer devices;  
  • devices for quality control and automatic adjustment of the equipment;  
  • facilities for loading and unloading of lines (billets and finished parts);
  • tool and rig changers;  
  • centralized system of chip separation;  
  • devices providing electricity, compressed air and liquid lubricant coolant.
As complex manufacturing systems, automatic lines are designed as single products according to customer requirements.
Send us  your technical task and we will offer you severalvariants of solutions.
With the use of simulation tools, we will create a model of future production, which taking into account the initial data (laborintensity, changeover time, requirements for planned maintenance and repair ofequipment, speeds of movement of transport workers, etc), will allow to analyze various process parameters and select the best variant.