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Railway turnout manufacturing plant

Stanexim participated in the development and implementation of а plant for turnout production. 
Works executed by Stanexim:
  • Terms ofreference development considering customer requests;
  • Details processing technology development;
  • Equipment delivery;
  • Tools, devices, components and equipment selection and delivery;
  • Equipment installation and pre-commissioning activities including adjustment and executive program implementation and also processing mode and tool’s configuration optimization;
  • Staff training.

Modern manufacturing complex consists of 8 machines:  
  • Metal-planning machine for back-up blocks processing;
  • Special base-type milling double-column machine for inserts processing;
  • Special base-type milling double-column machine for X-bracing and counter-rail processing;
  • Special base-type milling machine for switch heel processing with digital control gear and automatic tool swap;
  • 2 base-type milling machines for doubletrees processing with the DRO unit;
  • 2 special machines with gantry portal and two vertical machine units for blades and stock rails.

Work parts: turnouts, stock rails, X-bracings, counter rails.
Annual plant capacity:

  • 1 000 pointworks;
  • 1 000 X-bracing sets;
  • 1 000 repair kits.