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The machine for cold forming splines

The machine is designed by STANEXIM and intended for cold forming involute splines in the semi-axes according ti the customer’s drawing specifications.

The machine is equipped with Siemens CNC system which provides fully automatic processing of workpieces.
Features and advantages of the machine:

  • Processing several kinds of parts per shift due to short setup times, including quick replacement of basic and tightening elements of devices, auxiliary tools and CNC programs.
  • Using the equipment as a part of an automatic line as well as stand-alone.
  • Easy to use operator panel with a control console.
  • Secure working process at the expense of safety systems, alarms and the cabinet-type protection.
  • High perfomance of the machine.
Main specifications:
 Operating cycle Semi automatic
 Spline tooth profile Involute, m = 2,5
 Rollers rotation speed 1000…2000 rev/min (stepless adjustment)
 Feedof the tailstock 40…240 mm/min (stepless adjustment)
 Accelerated feed of the tailstock 2400 mm/min
 Maximum motor power 15 kW
 Height of the machine's centers 1100 mm
 Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 5400 х 2780 х 2200 mm
 Weight 11000 kg