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The manufacture of railroad axle

Stanexim company was acting as the prime contractor andaccomplished general guideline over the complex project.
Works executed by Stanexim:
  • Machine-tool equipment delivery;
  • Tools selection and delivery;
  • Supporting equipment delivery:
    • Equipment for axle polish:
    • Tilt-frame complex;
  • Equipment installation and pre-commissioning activities:
    • Mechanical and electrical parts installation;
    • Lubricating and hydraulics station installation;
    • Control system debugging;
    • line’s geometrics check;
    • Transport and make-up systems installation;
    • Flow line testings and handing-over;
  • Staff training.

Automated line supposed for finishing car axle and axle billet producing. Continuous transfer line of non-satellite type built on the basis of CNC machines and tools’ automatic transfer device from one machine to another.

All machines of transfer line fitted with Siemens control systems, coolant-cutting fluid automatic advance, modern SECO cutter tool, centralized ship separation system and overhead manipulators.

Positions connected by accumulating conveyors which fit out by locating block in order toexclude processed car axle surface’ damages.

All the axle production line’s equipment handled from center pedestal. Handing operation by three engineers and three operators.

Work part

Car axle RY 1SH GOST 22780-77

External dimensions Æ 210 +5 -1 , L=2280 +100
Mass 570 kg

Line speed

Car axle production flow line consists of two transfer lines.
The first transfer line 
Bandsaw for axis’ ends cut1 pcs
Milling-centered bidirectional machine1 pcs
Ultrasonic quality control of car axles installation1 pcs
Lathe with CNC for axis rough turning3 pcs
Biderectorial milling-drill lathe1 pcs
Lathe with CNC for axis finishing cut3 pcs
Biderectional drilling and taping lathe1 pcs
Marking-off transact (manual)1 pcs
The second transfer line 
Compressed air forced draft along axis, holes blowdown1 pcs
Special axis-rolling lathe for middle and wheel seat1 pcs
Special axis-rolling lathe for fillet knurling, pre-wheel seat and journal fillet1 pcs
Lathe for pins’ grind finishing and pre-wheel seat2 pcs
Ultrasonic, magnetic-particle and size inspection devices3 pcs