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Finishing of pipe fittings

Stanexim company developed and implemented the project of final machining of pipeline fitting with theusage of own produced machines.

The complex includes three CNC machines developed by Stanexim design department specialists:

  • 2 machines with three independent horizontal power units and the stationary workpiece fixture;
  • one machine with a power unit and a turntable with the workpiece fixture.
The complex allows to machine end chamfer ofpipe fittings:

- pipe tees with nominal width of the main from 500 to 1400 mm and nominal width of the branch line from 150 to 1400 mm;
- taps with 30, 45 and 60 degree bend angles and nominal width from 700 to 1400 mm;
- taps with 90 degree bend angle and nominal width from 700 to 1400 mm;
- coils with nominal width from 219 to 1400 mm;
- pipe reducers with nominal width from 400 to1400 mm.

Machines features

  • For clamping workpieces the machines are equipped with gantry mechanisms providing easy loading of workpieces and easy removal of finished parts.
  • Two operator panels with a portable remote control.
  • Special operator interface developed by Stanexim specialists contains all the necessary information forsetting up the machine to process different types of pipe fittings. Through the interface an operator sets the type of chamfer machined at each end, geometric parameters of chamfers as well as cutting data.
  • Special Stanexim software with a laser triangulation sensor allows to construct an optimal smoothed profile ofa pipe as well as to calculate the actual pipe out of roundness. In case of excessof permissible value the appropriate message for an operator will be displayed.
  • easy loading of workpieces into the basic device;

Competitive advantages of the complex

High performance
  • Cutting speed is increased by more than a factor of two compared with a similar equipment on account of smoothed profile of a pipe machining.
  • Multiple machining of pipe tees and taps was realized.
  • Laser measuring system reducing workpiece measuring time from 5-10 minutes to 1minute was applied.

High accuracy andquality of processing

  • Special measurement software using the laser triangulation sensor allows to measure theactual profile of a pipe to a high precision.
  • The smoothed profile is copied by the tool that ensures smooth cutting and high accuracy.