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Technology of gas-oxygen cutting

Stanexim company developed and implemented the technological complex of gas-oxygen cutting. Gas-oxygen machines designed by the Stanexim engineering department and destined for removing engineering allowance. This equipment is unique in Russia.


Processed parts:
  • tees;
  • 90-degree bend;
  • reducers;
  • pipe bottoms.
Billet material: low-carbon low-alloy steel.

Equipment highlights:

  • Turntable with load capacity of 15 tons equipped with the device for orientation of partsenabling of simultaneous installation of 3 billets.
  • Siemens CNC Control System with the operator panel for intuitive machine operation.
  • Progressive measurement system consisting of two sensors: a touch sensor for monitoring the actual diameter of the cross sectional area of the workpiece and the laser triangulation sensor for determining the contour of the workpiece surface in the cutting zone. According to the results of preliminary measurement of the workpiece contour the control system monitors the position of the cutter relative to the surface of the workpiece during the cutting process. All measurement results are displayed on the operator’s panel monitor.
Equipment advantages:
  • high fidelity of processing and reduction of engineering allowance up to 10 — 15 mm (the quantity of allowances with existing technology is equal to 30 mm). This is achieved by the accurate positioning of the cutter and the accurate basing of a billet;  
  • high productivity due to the reduction of machining time by 1.5 — 2.5 times at the expense of less engineering allowance;
  • short change overtimes for switching to the production of various sizes of parts;
  • multivariate quality control and human errors reduction at the expense of using special basing, measurement and quality control systems;
  • subsequent machining cost reduction at the expense of unification of technical solutions, equipment and approach to software;
  • high standard of manufacturing in the customer's blank production.