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Side frame and bolster manufacture

Stanexim participated in the development and implementation of а divisions for side bow and bolster processing.
Works executed by Stanexim:
  • Terms of reference development;
  • Development,specifications selection and steering system installation;
  • Equipmentand tools selection and delivery;
  • Equipmentinstallation and pre-commissioning activities;
  • Stafftraining.    

Machine complexes are dedicated for side bow and bolster processing of trucks 18-100 and its analogues and for wagons with axle load 23.5 and 25 t. 

Processing complex for side bow works in tree-shift mode with timing production 24 pcs/hour. And includes special modular machine for pedestal jaw opening’s and joist openings’ surface processing. Surfaces for friction plates and fixing holes for friction plates. Also special drill machines for bracket’s holes processing in brake gear.

Processing complex for bolster processing works in three-shift mode with timing production 12 pcs/hour. It includes special machines for bearing socket, surfaces for runner skids, holes for fixed center’s strut attachment and holes for bearing socket attachments. Special machines for slant faces for frictional wedges processing. 

Equipment operation in integrated processing chain isprovided by special conveying system which can be used in manual and automatic mode.